Avoid Working at Another Coffee Shop with These 4 Alternatives

This article was written for TravelBank and can be read in its entirety here.

As someone who had a roommate set up shop in our tiny Hell’s Kitchen living room 5 days a week, I can say that sometimes working from home is not ideal… And although there’s something “quintessentially freelancer” about working in the corner café, the reality is – it’s not. With a constant barrage of coffee drinkers and limited seating, here are 4 alternative office solutions – most that cost less than your go-to coffee order.

Hotel Lobbies

If just the thought of a hotel lobby has you humming to R. Kelly, you’re not alone. However, you might be missing out on a killer working area with ambiance and free Wi-Fi to spare. There are several boutique hotels like The NoMad Hotel Library and citizenM Times Square that offer communal tables, ample seating and 24-hour food services.

Don’t get awkward about chilling in a lobby, because hotels like the Ace Hotel in Flatiron advertise their lobby as a warm, inviting space where people are always welcome to congregate, socialize, work, or wind down. An added benefit is that happy hour always starts promptly, so get in early to crank out your work before it’s time to network.

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